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The news, information, opinion, and analysis available on the Cardinal Publishers Group blog will be delivered by experts in their respective fields.  If you want to know how to succeed in business, find the right career or college, prepare exciting food, fight disease, keep up with what is happening in the world of sport, prepare for an outdoor adventure, get fit and stay healthy, or are looking for great travel ideas the CPG blog is will deliver.

Running and Biking Across Florida

The challenge was tough. The motivation was honorable. And German Police officer, Achim Dieterich found himself running and biking across Florida after taking on a challenge for families in Pinellas County. He was running and biking across Florida for a good cause. Achim started in Vero Beach and four days and 165 miles later, he completed the race.

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Your Book in Retail Stores

The Non Fiction Authors Association will host a teleseminar with Teleseminar with Cardinal Publishers Group founder and president, Tom Doherty where he will speak on the topic, How to Work with Book Distributors and Get Your Book in Retail Stores. Cardinal Publishers...

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Hidden Talent

Author of The Color of Sundays and Breakaway: The Inside Story of the Pittsburgh Penguins' Rebirth, Andrew Conte, brings to light the hidden talent. Championships are made in the late rounds. Everyone knows about the first-round picks, the guys sitting in the green...

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A Salute to Yogi Berra

The following are excerpts from Bronx Bombers: New York Yankees Home Run History by Lew Freedman, published by Blue River Press and distributed by Cardinal Publishers Group © 2015. Please join us as we give a salute to Yogi Berra. Lawrence Peter Berra was born in St....

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Self Deposit Box

By Dick Wolfsie, author The Right Fluff (Blue River Press 2014) and Mopey Dick (Blue River Press 2011) The following is an excerpt from The Right Fluff used by permission of Blue River Press). Self Deposit Box The other day, this personal relationship I have with this...

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When Selling a Book Timing is Everything

By Tom Doherty The following article first appeared in IBPA Independent. The time to begin thinking about selling a book comes long before the book is available to consumers, and even before acquisition of the content. Naturally, your first thoughts may center on...

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