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The Superstars of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Part 1)

His skills, shot, passes, quickness, and ability to make something happen are all at the highest level. He is not quite as quick as “Messi 2006,” yet his natural talent, which comes across with ease, can hardly be repudiated. The only thing holding Messi back at this point is Father Time. Still, this great player is only in his mid-30s,

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National Indiana Day and Books about the Great State

The state of Indiana has a plethora of fascinating facts about it and many intriguing people who call or have called Indiana their home. Known as the Hoosier state, there are several theories that swirl around the meaning of the name, where it came from, and why the people of Indiana are called Hoosiers. Can you let us know your favorite theory?

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Group G: Who Will Stop Brazil?

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group G: Who Will Stop Brazil? Shane Stay FIFA World Cup Group G: Brazil - Serbia - Switzerland - Cameroon Who will stop Brazil? Well, probably no one in this group. However, don’t be fooled. These are quality sides that can put up a fight and if...

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Group E: Japan’s Big Chance!

FIFA World Cup 2022 Group E: Japan’s Big Chance! Shane Stay FIFA World Cup Group E: Spain - Costa Rica - Germany - Japan Spain is more than likely going to advance, alongside Germany, into the next round. The Spanish passing engine is better than ever, things are...

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FIFA World Cup Group D: More Exciting Than You Think!

France—with Griezmann and Mbappe—is easily a tournament favorite. You would think it’ll have no difficulty getting out of its group. Don’t speak too fast. France has a shaky, yet surprisingly successful, grip on past World Cups. The two-time champs, and defending champs, have done exceedingly well (1998, 2018), and quite terribly (2002, 2010).

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Group C: A Lot of Parity

Talk about parity. This group is brimming with uncertainty. The favorite? Argentina.

Argentina, led by Messi, has everything to gain by winning this group, thus setting up an advantageous matchup in the Round of 16. As leader of the group, the recent South American champions will have a lot of tension because of mounting expectations. For the recent Copa America champs, none of these are easy games.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Group B: One to Watch

Let’s briefly look at Group B from the perspective of the United States. While some think the US will fall flat, there is an open window of opportunity to escape this group. In fact, this group is very much in play for the US.

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Land the Job You Desire

Cardinal Publishers Group has several outstanding titles that help direct you in writing resumes and cover letters that would help you land the job you desire. In The Jobseekers Guide, 9th Edition, Kathryn Troutman offers a descriptive guide to applying for a federal job. In Modernize Your Resume, Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark demonstrate how to write resumes to get noticed.

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Women Making a Mark

Women’s History Month is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the contributions of women to the history of the United States. To celebrate and honor Women’s History Month, Cardinal Publishers Group will feature titles written by women or about them throughout March.

From Self-Help to Biography, let’s enjoy the following books about women making a mark in the world.

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