10 Reasons Why

You Should Work With CPG

1. Service – Book Distribution – Individual attention means that you won’t get lost among a crowd of clients so large that nobody knows your name

2. Stability – CPG has been in business since 2000 illustrating that we are a stable company dedicated to the publishing industry

3. Communication – You can talk directly to the managers that handle sales, warehousing, fulfillment, accounting, and other departments – no liaison filters your concerns or slows down your opportunities

4. Technology – Modern facilities, programming, and technology means we can service your customers needs efficiently, and service our clients needs in a rapidly changing marketplace

5. Cost – Although we are not what you would term a low cost operator, our rates are very competitive and more importantly our distribution clients really appreciate the fact that our fees are based on our ability to sell your product, not store it or move it around.

6. Availability – 24/7 reporting with our online portal provides our distributed publishers with the ability to check the progress of their books even when the business day is done

7. Experience – We have a long track record of finding good employees and keeping them; from our field representatives to our in-house operations, warehousing, and customer service staff you won’t be dealing with any book publishing amateurs

8. Advice – As a full service national book distributor we handle your sales, warehousing, fulfillment, metadata, customers service, and billing and collection needs, but it doesn’t stop there; if you need any help with marketing, production, or any of the other parts of your business more than likely we can assist you in overcoming the many challenges that today’s independent presses face

9. Community – We take our responsibilities seriously and so we recycle and reuse everything from damaged books to office paper and soda cans, and recently we have updated our lighting and heating to significantly reduce our carbon footprint

10. Entrepreneurship – Like the independent publishers we service the founders (and still operators) of CPG put everything into their business from capital to sweat equity so we understand what it takes to make something from nothing

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