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Company: Cardinal Publishers Group
Address: 2402 North Shadeland Avenue, Suite A
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Zip: 46219
Phone: 317-352-8200
Fax: 317-352-8202

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    Below is a recap of the people at Cardinal Publishers Group customers will most likely need to contact with questions. If your question is not covered below contact the manager most closely associated with your need and he/she will direct you to the appropriate person.

    Customer Service: (800-296-0481 phone):
    Barbara Carter,
    Catalog Requests, Phone orders, ordering & invoicing inquiries

    Email Orders to:
    Order placement & Order follow up

    Russ Raney,
    –  Shipping & tracking
    –  Inventory & order status

    Adriane Doherty,
    –  Accounts Receivables
    –  Customer Service Supervisor
    –  Product listings, price changes, etc…

    Sales & Marketing:
    Tessa Schmitt,

    Sales: Todd Farley,

    Client Services/Social Media Marketing:
    Ginger Bock,

    Metadata/eBook Conversion:
    Paula Sieffert,

    Clients and Prospective Clients:
    Tom Doherty,

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