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James Alexander Thom: A Shining Light of Letters

Indiana has lost one of their shining lights of letters. During his long and highly regarded career as a journalist and teacher, James impacted many people. As an author, he impacted many more. It was perhaps through his prose that most people came to know him. But James was never one of those cloistered writers we often see in the movies.

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Rubber Ducky Press Silver Sponsor for Library Event

Rubber Ducky Press is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the 2023 Indianapolis Public Library Foundation’s Circulate Event. Circulate: Night at the Library, is the premier event of The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation held at the beautiful Central Library in Downtown Indianapolis.

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Pele Remembered: Timothy Schum remembers the late, great Pele and his US years

Perhaps a story that was circulated helps explain his decision. Pele, an avid fisherman, one day while on tour in New York City with his hometown Santos team, entered a sporting goods store and selected a new fishing rod. The salesclerk simply asked, “Sir, will that be cash or credit?” Prior to his later signing with the New York Cosmos, or in any soccer-mad country in the world, Pele would never have been able to make the transaction. But in metro New York at the time, he was still anonymous.

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Reaching for Our Goals and Enjoying Our Down Time

This would be a good time to bring out some books that will encourage us to keep reaching for our goals and enjoying our down time with a good novel.

Cardinal Publishers Group has a large selection of books on topics that can help you in whatever area you are looking to improve. Below are selections of three amazing books that will help you in finding a career in teaching, fitness by running, and dystopian fiction.

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St. Louis City SC: 2023 the Opening Season!

2023. St. Louis enters MLS for the first time! St. Louis City SC takes the field in its inaugural MLS season, making history in the process. As I point out in This Is Our CITY, St. Louis should eventually be champs and have a strong franchise for years to come.

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USMNT: A Quick Reflection and Look Ahead to 2026

Berhalter’s lineup choices were (how do we say?) startling for some. Josh Sargent, a talented player, got the start in the opening game. Nothing wrong there, a good player. But, wait, if you watch the USMNT often you’d realize that he hadn’t started in a very long time. And to start him, out of the blue, for the opening game?

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Champions: Argentina!

FIFA World Cup 2022 Champions: Argentina! It wasn’t easy, never is. It seems, at times, Argentina had to do it the hard way. Take for example, the first match: Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia by 2-1. Not a good start. Yet, Spain, the year it won the 2010 World Cup,...

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A Quick Look at the USMNT

As the Quarter-finals for FIFA World Cup 2022 approach, it seems clear the “old guard” of world soccer is showing up. In the Round of 16, a few challengers came in the form of Japan, South Korea, Australia, Senegal and the United States.

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Superstars of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Part 3)

Brief Superstar Description: Not the quickest around, nor the fastest, Luka Modric—the pride of Croatia—is a passing savant. Any pass he makes looks elegant. The placement is pristine; the touch, premiere.

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The Superstars of FIFA World Cup 2022 (Part 2)

For years the shoe giant had been living off the reputation of Pele, Maradona, its mega-stars who left the image of Puma and World Cup championships permanently etched in the minds of millions. Well, all that changed! Puma is, indeed, cool again thanks to one of soccer’s biggest stars in the world, the goal-scoring magician from Brazil: Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. The Brazilian star is also a passionate video gamer. Y

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