Cardinal Publishers Group has been dedicated to providing quality book distribution services to independent publishers since 2000. We are committed to serving our customers and client publishers. Our staff is available to answer your questions directly every business day. Please read on to learn about the core services we provide to our full-service distribution clients.

Sales & Marketing

Our in-house sales staff has decades of combined experience selling books to a wide variety of retailers and wholesalers. In the field, we have representatives across the US and Canada. Customers served include chain, internet, college and independent booksellers, public, school and academic library wholesalers and jobbers, trade and special market wholesalers, mass-merchants, transportation centers, gift and specialty retailers, and more.

Warehousing & Inventory Control

CPG will store your books in a safe and modern warehouse facility. You can check your inventory levels anytime online or through email or telephone during regular business hours. When your books arrive from the printer, they are processed and ready to ship within 24 hours.

Customer Service

Maintaining positive customer relationships is a top priority. Our customer service department will address the questions and concerns of your customers promptly and professionally. Clients can also contact customer service directly for general inquires.


We will handle all of your pick, pack, and shipping for any size order. Orders are processed quickly and to customer specifications. Most orders for books in inventory are processed and ready to ship the same day or within 24 hours.


CPG will handle your billing and collection needs. Whether B2B or direct to consumer, we accept almost every form of payment and keep you posted on your receivables. You can also check them online at any time.

Title File Management

Professional management of your title metadata will ensure your products are properly posted on consumer and industry databases. Care is taken so that books are well presented, and easy for customers to find and purchase your products.

Ebook Conversions

Cardinal Publishers Group has converted hundreds of our clients books to their satisfaction and the satisfaction of our customers and we do it at a very low cost. Conversion services are only available to clients where we distribute eBooks.

Ebook Distribution

CPG combines quality conversion (when needed) at a reasonable cost with sales into retail markets as well as aggregators serving specialty markets, institutions, and libraries.

Sales Reporting

You will receive regular reports and enjoy secured access to online reporting to retrieve your sales, receivables, and inventory information from any connected location 24/7!

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