Shipping and Carton


1. Packing List: A packing list must be included with each shipment

  • Paperwork must be located in clearly marked and easy to find location
  • Must include ISBN, Title and Quantity shipped

2. Packing Method: Books must be shipped in cartons, and each carton must be labeled to BISG specifications. Label should be located on two adjacent sides of the carton, and at minimum include:

  • ISBN-13 of title & barcode
  • Title
  • Carton Quantity
  • Carton Weight (in pounds) No individual carton can weigh more than 40 pounds
  • Publisher or Imprint Name
  • Carton must meet NSTA standard certified with a “C” rated flute and pass a 250-pound mullen crush test
  • Cartons must be sealed with plastic or paper tape
  • All books should be stacked in cartons horizontally; do not pack books both horizontal and vertical in the same box.
  • Mixed or partial cartons should be labeled as such

3. Unacceptable Packing Methods: The following packing methods are unacceptable and may cause shipments to be refused or returned at the printers/publishers expense.

  • Loose books: Pallets of loose books shrink-wrapped or in “Gaylord” cartons
  • Books that are not in cartons

4. Packing Method – Cartons on Pallets: When shipping more than 15 cartons, or 500 lbs. it is usually more efficient and books arrive in better condition if shipped freight (LTL). The requirements for shipping multiple cartons on pallets are as follows:

  • Cartons should be packed carefully on skid in an interlocking pattern for stability
  • The number of cartons on each pallet layer must be consistent
  • Each pallet should be no higher than 52 inches
  • Pallets must be shrink-wrapped with a minimum of six layers of 100 gauge stretch film
  • The carton(s) containing the packing list must be clearly marked and located on the top of the pallet
  • Cartons must meet NSTA standard certified with a “C” rated flute and pass a 250-pound mullen crush test
  • Cardboard sheet on pallet recommended protecting the bottom layer of cartons
  • It is recommended that cartons have a 1″ clearance from edge of pallet and corner boards on all four sides.
  • Pallets should be 40” wide x 48” deep and constructed of solid materials – pallets constructed of particle board are unacceptable.

5. Shipping Method:

  • Address all shipments to Cardinal Publishers Group, 2402 N. Shadeland Ave, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46219
  • All shipments must have either a tracking number or PRO number, which should be communicated to CPG
  • All shipments are to be sent Freight Prepaid.  CPG will not accept collect shipments unless agreed to and notified in writing prior to the shipment
  • Truck shipments must have a Bill of Lading (Manifest), which must include the total number of pallets, cartons and weight, and if applicable purchase order number
  • Pallets must be marked using “1 of 3,” “2 of 3” etc.
  • For carton shipments each carton must be marked using “1 of 3,” “2 of 3” etc.
  • CPG warehouse receiving department hours are 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday.  Any deviation from this time must be pre-approved by CPG at least 24 hours prior to shipment being received.  Please call in advance for holiday shipping hours.
  • CPG must be notified – prior to shipping – of any shipment to its warehouse
  • CPG must be notified of any shipment of more than 15 cartons at least 48 hours prior to receipt so an appointment for delivery can be made.
  • An Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) is requested and should be faxed to your CPG contact at (317) 352-8202 or emailed to
  • Shippers should contact our warehouse directly at (317) 352-8200
  • Shipments via truck should be rated class 60, item # 161630 N.M.F.C.

Clients are responsible for all freight to the CPG facility including shipping costs, customs, or brokerage fees. etc.

For more information please contact

Russ Raney –


Full cartons of books must be labeled in accordance with Book Industry Standards: Carton labels need to be both human readable and machine readable. Cartons labels must identify title, author, publisher name, country of origin, carton quantity, weight, 13-digit ISBN, carton level GTIN-14 and the retail price. The barcodes must be at least .5 inches high and there needs to be at least .25 inches of space between each barcode. Carton labels must be placed on at least two sides of the carton; one must be the long side of the carton. The recommended minimum carton label size is 4 inches tall by 6 inches wide. Carton labels must be placed at least 1.25 inches from any carton edge.

For more information please read the “Product Label” section at:

Shipping to address:
Cardinal Publishers Group
2402 N. Shadeland Ave, Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46219

317-352-8200 phone
317-352-8202 fax

*If you have questions about shipping please contact Russ Raney –

Example Carton Label

1. Title (recommended 14 pt bold font)
2. Author (recommended 12 pt font)
3. Publisher (recommended 12 pt font)
4. Country of Origin (recommended 12 pt font)
5. Carton Quantity (recommended 12 pt font)
6. Barcode reflecting carton quantity (recommended 8 pt font)
7. Carton Weight (recommended 12 pt font)
8. Barcode reflecting carton weight (recommended 8 pt font)
9. 13-digit ISBN (recommended 12 pt font)
10. Barcode reflecting carton level GTIN-14 (recommended 8 pt font)
11. Retail Price (recommended 12 pt font)
12. Barcode reflecting retail price (recommended 8 pt font)
*Please note that the numbers next to the items included in the label are for instructional purposes only.

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