CPG News &
Information Services

CPG News & Information (CPGN&I) connects media to a world of experts on topics of interest to students and adults.  CPG News & Info offers experts in business, careers, education, entertainment, environment, food, health, nature, nutrition, outdoor activities, sports, study aids, and travel.

If your media outlet is looking for an expert on one of these or a related topic let us know.  We can reach out to more than one hundred experts covering these fields for news, information, and analysis.  Many of our experts have a great deal of experience appearing on radio and television and some are prolific writers who can produce a an article or blog post on a deadline.

If you need an expert to write an article or blog post, an interview for print, or a lively expert to interview over the radio or on television (broadcast or cable) we probably have somebody who can help.  Our experts provide quality content and entertaining interviews.  If your readers, viewers, or listeners want to know how to succeed in business, find the right career or college, prepare exciting food, fight disease, keep up with what is happening in the world of sport, prepare for an outdoor adventure, get fit and stay healthy, or are looking for great travel ideas let us know.  We may have the expert you seek.

Contact us today (it takes just a moment) and we will check to see if we have an expert available that fits your needs.  Contact Ginger Bock for social media request or contact Tessa Schmitt to set up an interview with one of our experts. Call 800-296-0481 or email first initial last name @cardinalpub.com.  The CPG N&I team will be happy to quickly and efficiently handle your requests during regular business hours.


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