The challenge was tough. The motivation was honorable. And German Police officer, Achim Dieterich found himself running and biking across Florida after taking on a challenge for families in Pinellas County. He was running and biking across Florida for a good cause. Achim started in Vero Beach and four days and 165 miles later, he completed the race. His purpose was completely selfless. He ran and biked to support the Fraternal Order of Police in Pinellas County. In cooperation with Lodge 43, he collected donations to support the families of police officers who died in the line of duty.

He created this challenge by using Michele Ufer’s mental training methods as listed in his book Mental Toughness for Runners. He suffered continual pain during the race and was constantly reminded of the pain the families who lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, family members, and loved ones.  His desire and motivation was to help the families who suffered loss, no matter what pain his body experienced. To continue the race to the end and achieve the goals Achim set for himself, he needed a well-trained body. He also needed to believe in himself. Mental Toughness for Runners offers a guide and tips to how you can manage your training and put it into practice.

Achim put the advice to practice which enabled him to take on the challenge and complete the race so that many families were enriched by the race he took on.

Mental Toughness for Runners 9781782551614 (Meyer & Meyer Sport 2019) offers highly effective methods for successful mental training, including self-coaching, well-founded training psychology, and thought-provoking strategies for self-reflection.

Author, Dr. Michele Ufer is an expert in sports and management psychology and a successful ultrarunner. He motivates not only athletes, but executives and other high performers and promotes top performance.

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