The Non Fiction Authors Association will host a teleseminar with Teleseminar with Cardinal Publishers Group founder and president, Tom Doherty where he will speak on the topic, How to Work with Book Distributors and Get Your Book in Retail Stores.

Cardinal Publishers Group has been a full service national book distributor since 2000, and Tom Doherty is the founder and president. Within his many responsibilities, he works with customer service department, sales and marketing associates, editorial production, client publishers, and the team that oversees operations and finance. In his long career, he spent several years working for independent publishing houses including Tor Books (now a division of MacMillan), Howard W. Sams, and Sports Publishing. Tom has launched more than 100 new imprints. For over 30 years, Tom has been in the business of book distribution, sales, and management.

Tune in and receive a wealth of information from a sage in the book business, Tom Doherty,

If you are a member of Nonfiction Authors Association, live access to this teleseminar is free.

To see learn more about Cardinal Publishers Group, visit our About page. If you have any questions, you can contact us or give us a call at 317-352-8200.

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