Weight-Loss Salvation: How Real People Lose Weight and Keep it Off and How You will, too!


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Weight-Loss Salvation isn’t just another diet book. It provides an authoritative, proven, step-by-step plan on how to lose weight and keep it off. And it’s especially appropriate for people who are tired of failure from restrictive diets, fad diets, and gimmicky pills. The book draws on co-author Cailor’s outstanding weight-loss success, and blends that with the best elements from nearly every successful weight-loss method. The guidance is drawn from real-life, proven success, and is presented clearly and thoroughly so that anyone can apply it.Hundreds of successful real-life dieters were interviewed for this book, and accounts are included of how some of them dealt with the psychological issues that were at the root of their emotional eating. The book also provides in-depth analysis of why diet pills and most diets fail, and cites extensive real-life experiences. And nutrition and exercise are covered thoroughly. Furthermore, hundreds of tips are provided to make weight-loss practical, enjoyable and permanent.WEIGHT-LOSS SALVATION reveals what Brad learned from 30 years of experimenting with diet plans and pills, and from 25 years of researching weight-loss. His research included interviewing hundreds of successful, real-life dieters, and learning what worked for them. Brad then applied what he had learned; shed 114 pounds of fat over one continuous stretch, and kept it all off. He then collaborated with Stuart McRobert — the author of several books on exercise and health that are renowned for their sincerity, practicality, and trustworthiness — to produce an extraordinary book on weight-loss.Bradley Cailor has a college degree in health education and post-graduate schooling in nutrition, and he was a certified health teacher for almost a decade and a personal trainer for seven years. He has been interviewed on more than 100 radio shows, and has appeared on more than two dozen TV shows, including a live spot on FOX TV’s Fox & Friends national morning show.

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