The Planted Runner


The Planted Runner: Running Your Best with Plant-Based Nutrition will take you to the next level of performance with a plant based nutritional plan designed specifically for the needs of runners.

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With The Planted Runner, runners will learn to optimize fuel training with plant-based nutrition, harness the power of their minds, and perform at their best while discovering the joy of running at any age.

Plant-based nutrition is no longer a fad, but rather optimizes athletic performance and reduces recovery time. Fueling with the power of plants is not only a suitable eating plan for training, but it is also delicious and satisfying. Author Claire Bartholic breaks down the information to provide complete understanding of how to eat not only to fuel running, but also to enjoy eating. Readers will find a chapter devoted entirely to the basic ingredients and building blocks of a plant-based diet, rounded out with runner-specific fueling recipes that are good for before, during, and after the run.

Successful training requires more than just good plans and nutrition, however. Without addressing the mental side of training, results will be limited. With the proven mindset training techniques provided in this book, the runner will quiet that negative self-talk which can sabotage the best efforts. With those doubts silenced, every runner can find his or her potential.

Through her coaching, Claire Bartholic found the best way to successfully integrate those three critical elements—physical training, plant-based fueling, and mindset techniques—to help hundreds of runners reach their personal bests, and she provides her wealth of knowledge in this book.

Claire Bartholic began running in her mid-30s simply to get in shape. Already eating a plant-based diet, she finished her first marathon at age 38 in a respectable 4:02 and was immediately hooked on running. With dedicated coaching and training, she successfully lowered her marathon PR to 2:58, without injury and entirely plant based. She is a multiple-time Boston Marathon qualifier, state Master’s Marathon Champion, and competitive master’s athlete.

As a certified coach and certified sports nutrition specialist, Claire has led hundreds of athletes to reach their best performances through science-based training, nutrition, and mindset programs. She is also the host and producer of the popular running podcast, The Planted Runner, and former host of the Run to the Top podcast. She currently resides with her family in Asheville, North Carolina.

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