The Chosen Ones


It began with a chilling anonymous warning that before the end of the Olympics, one of the world’s top male figure skaters will be dead.

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Somebody has to do something. One of the world’s top male skaters is in danger. He will be dead before the end of the Olympics. If you can’t stop it, at least find out why it happened. For once, tell the real story. 

Brody Yates has fallen on hard times. Fired from his job as a sports reporter for a major newspaper, he decides to go undercover as a trainer in order to infiltrate the backstage world of figure skating. He has one chance to save someone’s life and to turn his around by breaking the story of a lifetime. 

“The Chosen Ones”, though fictionalized, reveals the secrets behind the sequins against the backdrop of the high- pressure sport of world-class figure skating. In this non-stop thriller, only one person can win. Not everyone will survive.The book is a period piece of the heyday of figure skating when scandal was rampant, and skaters were household names. The author is a journalist who at the time was a New York Times writer covering the sport. Her articles highlighted the inequities on the Olympic level and were instrumental in helping change the rule that previously would not allow professional skaters to compete. The book has been read by professional skaters and the consensus is Lisa Luciano knows the truth. Included in this updated edition is a section on resources for those readers who follow the sport and for those who are yet to become obsessed fans.

“All of the requisite ingredients for a standard pot-boiling drama/mystery are present, from the handsome yet damaged and down-on-his-luck protagonist desperately seeking redemption to secret love trysts, ageing stars, and jealous fiancées…” – Kirkus Reviews

I am not a fan of skating, but the reader gets the impression that the author did good research on the topic, allowing readers to have a detailed glimpse of what happens in big sporting competitions — the greed, the corruption, and the racism. The characters are emotionally rich and convincing. I loved the psychological depth of the protagonist, a broken man struggling to find important answers to save a life. – Romuald Dzemo, Readers Favorite 

Winner: New York City Big Book Award for Sports Fiction, and a Readers’ Favorite Book Award, as a Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Award.

Lisa Luciano’s work as a director/producer in television production received national recognition for excellence in educational programming. She is the author of a non-fiction book about how to use technology in the classroom, has had a documentary script produced and has now written her first novel. Her non-fiction pieces have won numerous awards. A childhood dream of being a sports reporter was fulfilled when she covered figure skating for “The New York Times” and “International Skating Magazine.” She has taught English Language Arts, TV Production, Technology and Digital Literacy to students in grades 6-12 for 40 years and most recently has worked as a Library Media Specialist. Born and raised in New York, she now resides in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her passion (besides writing) outside of the classroom is martial arts. She is a 4th Dan black belt Tae Kwon Do Master/Instructor as well as a black belt in Hapkido.

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