Shrink Rapt


An exciting new thriller by the award winning author Freda Hansburg.

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In Shrink Rapt the murder of the arrogant chairman of Behavioral Health Sciences shocks the faculty, staff and patients of Franklin University Medical Center, none more than the four unstable subjects in his pilot research study. All are members of a treatment program directed by psychologist April Simon, 34, newly divorced and discouraged about her academic prospects. When the late psychiatrist’s death propels her patients into bizarre and threatening behavior and pits her colleagues against each other, April faces three challenges. She must solve the riddle of her patients’ dangerous transformation, avoid becoming the killer’s next target, and decide whether to trust an attractive, world-weary detective who seeks her help when he’s not treating her as a suspect. Shrink Rapt takes the reader into the halls of academic medicine, setting death, betrayal and romance against a real-life backdrop of the fraught alliance between medical research and Big Pharma. The murder of Dr. Lowell Morgenstern turns psychologist April Simon and detective Sam Perone into potential allies and sometime adversaries, each trying to unravel (and keep) secrets as they parse the crime. The tug of war between a smart, lonely professional woman and a cop whose brash exterior masks the scars of a tragic past, yields a story about the tenuous development of trust in a world where no one is what they seem.

About the Author

Freda Hansburg is a psychologist and author of the Next Generation Indie Book Award thriller, Tell on You. She is co-author of two self-help books, including the bestseller PeopleSmart—translated into a dozen languages. She lives in Bluffton, South Carolina, where she is working on her next suspense novel and her Pickleball game.


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