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Modern medicines typical response to back pain is often surgery or strong painkillers, yet this conventional medicine is unable to eradicate the pain completely. Not only that, but the countless, often contradictory training and therapy approaches and empty healing promises of alternative medicine often lead a person afflicted with back pain on an almost endless journey of confusion and despair.

These people need search no longer. EFFORTLESS Back Pain Solution will answer the questions: Where do the problems really come from, and what is the best way to alleviate the pain? Using his EFFORTLESS method, Ramin Waraghai aids readers in deciding which activities will help them personally achieve a strong, healthy, and pain-free back!

The EFFORTLESS method consists of exercises, favorite activities, fuel (nutrition), optimizing environment, reason (for pain), treatment, load management, ergonomics, social support, stress management.

About the Author

Ramin Waraghai is a sports scientist who has also suffered from chronic back pain since he was 14 years old. After years of ineffective therapy, he decided it was up to him to eliminate his own back pain. His success prompted him to develop his own training concept, known as M.Ü.H.E.L.O.S. in German, which follows the EFFORTLESS method presented in this book. In 2016, Ramin launched the certified online training program, Rücken Fit Challenge. Since then, he has helped hundreds of people improve their back health and well-being. He currently lives in Germany.

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