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Calisthenics and mobility training are proven to develop strength and agility without the risk of injury, and with the tips, advice, and exercises provided in this book, anyone can become strong and supple. Calisthenics X Mobility is a practice-oriented guide goes far beyond the dry technical literature on proper strength training. The authors have combined the best strength-training methods with modern mobility training, meaning the reader will become strong through pull-ups, push-ups, and dips while remaining supple with active stretching. With mobility training, there will be no need for painful foam-rolling or dull stretching exercises. Instead, the reader will focus on movement and range of motion. Better mobility means more strength and combining these two aspects of training will lead to the best and fittest version of one’s self.

About the Author

Monique König currently works as a freelance calisthenics trainer and trainee teacher at a primary school in Neuss, Germany. She studied elementary school teaching in Erfurt with sport as a minor, with calisthenics for children as her focus, and graduated with a master’s degree in 2017.

Leon Staege began his sports career playing soccer at the age of three and played until finishing high school. Today, his online education platform addresses the modern mobility training and helps people integrate more movement in their predominately sedentary life.

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