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Young Maria was very proud to be a Polish girl. There was just one problem: Poland didn’t exist. In the late 1800’s Warsaw, Poland was under the rule of the Russian Czar. Being Polish during this time was anything but easy. Polish children were given inferior grades in school. The Polish people were not allowed to speak in Polish. Women were not allowed to attend universities. Yet, it was during this time that Maria Sklodowska not only completed high school at the age of fifteen, but with highest honors and a gold medal. She even took a job secretly teaching a farmers children the Polish language! She is better known today as Madame Marie Curie.

Marie Curie would go on to be the first woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize when she received her Nobel Prize in Physics. When she was given her Nobel Prize in Chemistry, she became the first person to ever win two Nobel Prizes!

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Claire Caprioli is a writer, copywriter, editor, proofreader, and tutor. This includes both paid and pro-bono work for institutions as well as individuals. For the past thirteen years, she has helped the Women’s Birth and Wellness Center of Chapel Hill, NC as a maternal and children’s health writer/editor. She has also worked as a professional technical writer and editor in IT documentation.

Some of her volunteer experiences include tutoring middle school NC Science Olympiad students, serving as a pack committee chair for the first year (2015) of a new cub scout pack, and being a substitute coach for the local Girls On the Run elementary and middle school groups.

Her non-fiction children’s articles have appeared in FACES and CALLIOPE (now DIG) magazines. She is a member of SCBWI and the Authors Guild.

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