Looking for some great gifts? Here are a few that will make someone’s Holiday perfect. Here are some Cardinal Publishers Group Christmas picks!

Vegan Christmas Cookies and Cocoa

Audrey Dunham

You won’t be able to wait to sink your teeth into the cookies you bake from this colorful, heartwarming cookbook. It includes decadent and delicious dairy-free and egg-free recipes for Christmas cookie classics, brownies, bars, treats, hot cocoas, winter lattes, homemade marshmallows, and so much more!

The Cat in the Window Murders

Frank L. Gertcher

The newly married, beautiful, and independently wealthy Caroline Case Jones leaves Chicago and then New York for Europe on the luxury ship Isle de France in 1929. She and Hannibal, her enigmatic new husband, enter a war-scarred continent embroiled in social turmoil and political upheaval. As Caroline and Hannibal travel to and across France, they use forensic techniques and deductive reasoning to solve a variety of perplexing murders. Chief Inspecteur Soucet from the French Gendarmerie Nationale gives Caroline a new nickname: ‘la Chatte dans la Fenêtre,’ which translates to “The Cat in the Window.”

Born to Coach

Paul C. Clerici

In this authorized biography, Born to Coach, you can relive the golden years of the Boston Marathon when American athletes dominated, and learn the coach behind the scenes that helped make it happen. Get into it, and you’ll discover the meaning behind coach Squire’s famous aphorism: “I’ll clue ya!”

For the Kiddos

Puppies on Parade

Julie Snodgrass and Meagan Martucci

There is so much to learn about all of your American neighbors. Along the way a friendly dog introduces rhyming facts for each state. The authors recognize the supreme importance of reading regularly with children and introducing them to information about their community and the world around them.

ABC Christmas

Christmas ABCs

ABC Christmas

Adriane Doherty

A friendly ducky guides children through the book learning their A.B.C.s and about the wonderful family and spiritual holiday of Christmas. But sometimes the little rubber ducky is hiding somewhere so keep a lookout.

ACI Why America Matters

Why America Matters

Why America Matters

Dr. Ben Carson and Valerie Pfundstein

Why America Matters is a children’s book about the Judeo-Christian values of America and its founding, and the importance of the Four Pillars of the American Cornerstone Institute: Faith, Liberty, Community, Life. This is the first book in the Little Patriots Program, an educational program created by the American Cornerstone Institute to teach children about the values that make the United States exceptional. Learn more about the program by visiting Little Patriots Learning.


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Happy Reading!

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