Walking: The Complete Book


Walking – The Complete Book has a world of information that will make you want to walk every day, as it helps you improve the experience. This book explains how to keep moving forward – for life.

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Walking: The Complete Book will motivate you to get moving, avoid aches and pains, and enjoy a more energetic life.

Even if you have been walking and active for years, Walking: The Complete Book has a world of information that will make you want to walk every day. Inside the pages of this book is inspiration that will help you improve the experience. Author, Jeff Galloway is a running expert and is the creator of the Run-Walk-Run™ method. He has worked with over 150,000 average people, who were mostly couch potatoes before they followed his exercise routines. Many have gone on to finish 26-mile-marathons or half- marathons. Virtually all of them find that 20-30 minutes spent on this simple exercise bestows more vitality, and a better mental attitude than anything else during their day. This book explains why, with step-by-step information to keep moving forward – for life.

Walking: The Complete Book will enhance the walking experience and encourage you to continue a lifestyle of walking and fitness.

About the Author:

Jeff Galloway lives and runs in Atlanta, Georgia, and he was an average teen-age runner who kept learning and working harder, until he became an Olympian. He is the author of the best-selling running book in North America  (Galloway’s Book on Running) and a Runner’s World columnist, as well as an inspirational speaker to over 200 running and fitness sessions each year. Jeff Galloway spends the time necessary to answer the questions of thousands of beginners, recreational runners, aspiring marathoners and time goal runners every year. His innovative ideas open up the possibility of running and a healthy lifestyle to almost everyone. Philosophically, Jeff believes that we were all designed to run and walk, and he keeps finding ways to bring more people into the positive world of exercise.

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