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As an educator you are shouldering a heavy load. These two books are here to help. You will discover evidence-based strategies for managing the classroom while meeting the needs of students coping with trauma. You will also learn strategies that enable you to take deliberate actions to restore and advance your professional and personal wellbeing.


Your Guide to Educator Self-Care: A Self-Care Graphic Organizer

As an educator, you are shouldering a heavy load. You are tasked with helping students cope with grief, loss, anxiety, fear, and economic distress, recover learning losses, and re-teach social skills.  Additionally, you are doing this while also coping with these same challenges in your personal lives. How can you manage these expectations? You can do it by practicing self-care. Self-care is about taking deliberate actions to restore and advance your professional and personal wellbeing. Therefore, this is an active workbook. By the end of Page five, you will be engaged in the active process of working toward developing your individualized self-care strategies. Each chapter includes an interactive Self-Care Graphic Organizer. Because self-care is a process of gradual improvement, an additional copy of each graphic organizer is included for you to photocopy and repeat the exercise as needed. Sustainable self-care is the key to a thriving professional career that does not come at the expense of your wellbeing. As you complete Your Guide to Educator Self-Care, you will:

  • Complete self-reflection to identify and acknowledge your needs
  • Utilize tools for active stress management
  • Engage in moments of mindfulness
  • Identify opportunities to claim time for yourself
  • Develop strategies to impose balance over ever-increasing demands
  • Practice self-compassion

Trauma Responsive De-Escalation: Evidence-Based Strategies That Work in the Classroom

Externalizing behaviors in the classroom and their connection to trauma are at the top of most educators’ concerns. Children who have experienced trauma may express their distress through acting-out behaviors that can derail instruction and compromise classroom safety. When the underlying cause of acting-out behaviors is trauma, what appears to be intentional disruption of the learning environment may be due to the student feeling a lack of emotional, psychological, or physical safety. Punitive discipline will only make the student feel more anxious and unsafe, intensifying their acting-out behaviors. Learning to utilize trauma responsive de-escalation practices enables educators to understand the underlying causes of acting-out behaviors and consistently provide developmentally supportive responses. This book contains 15 easy-to-follow de-escalation lessons coupled with a comprehensive classroom management planning workbook.

About the Author & Contributors:

Dr. Micere Keels is an Associate Professor at the University of Chicago, and the Founding Director of the Trauma Responsive Educational Practices Project (TREP Project). For over two decades, she has worked to integrate mental health promotion interventions into educational systems and structures, from early childhood centers to high schools. The TREP Project works to develop the individual and organizational capacity of educators and schools serving children growing up in neighborhoods that have high levels of toxic stress, such as violent crime, concentrated poverty, concentrated foster care involvement, and housing instability. Through the TREP Project, she has supported the professional development of over 200,000 educators through school district partnerships in Delaware, Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island, and through work with many individual schools across the U.S. Dr. Keels lives in Illinois.

Marcela Cartagena is a journalist and communication specialist with 22 years of experience in newspapers, technical editing, and public relations in English and Spanish. She was editor and writer for La Raza newspaper in Chicago, and previously copy editor for The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi. 

Alana Bowman is a graphic designer and writer who lives with her husband, two cats, one dog, and three rabbits in Mississippi.

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