The Lost Ways


The Lost Ways will teach you the secrets our ancestors knew to be self-reliant, healthy, and prepared to face any challenge. You will learn how to prepare foods to last for years, build different types of shelters, how to hunt, gather, heal, and much more. Native American and pioneer knowledge is rekindled in this well illustrated book. Be prepare and learn the lost ways of our ancestors.


The Lost Ways prepares people to deal with worst-case scenarios with the minimum amount of resources just like our forefathers lived their lives, totally independent from electricity, cars, or modern technology whatsoever. You’ll find the long-forgotten secrets that helped our ancestors survive famines, wars, the Great Depression, diseases, droughts, and anything else life threw at them… secrets that will help you do the same for your loved ones when everything crumbles into the ground.

The next crisis we all prep for is what folks 150 years ago called daily life: no electrical power, no refrigerators, no Internet, no computers, no TV, no hyperactive law enforcement, and no Safeway or Walmart.

Claude Davis is the editor in chief of and author of The Lost Ways, a series of books that saves our great grandfathers survival knowledge for future generation and the day we might need them again. Claude is NOT what people call a Doomsday prepper. He doesn’t think the world is going to end anytime soon, but he believes that all of us, including you—the person reading this—will face some hardships in our lives. This is what Claude preps for. He doesn’t like to place the fate of his family in the hands of others…especially the government or FEMA.

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