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A Tea Lover’s Travel Diary: Phoenix Single-Tree Oolong & Tie Kuan Yin Oolong chronicles the production of two classic and much sought-after Chinese teas. Phoenix Single-Tree Oolong was first created 900 years ago in the southern Chinese province of Guangzhou. The plants used for this ultra-gourmet tea only grow in one place, on Phoenix Mountain, a dead volcano. The tea harvesters must work their way amongst volcanic rocks and boulders to pick this semi-wild tea. Phoenix Single-Tree is so called because each of the original mother plants produce a tea with a different aroma. Over the past 900 years each of the mother trees have been separated out creating different tea gardens. Tea Master Jason C.S. Chen offers a photographic treat, documenting the harvesting and processing of one variety of Phoenix Single-Tree Oolong tea from picking the tea to the first taste.This book offers information on the harvesting and processing of gourmet tea never seen before. The Palm of Heaven Tea Garden on the edge of Palm of Heaven Lake a volcanic crater on Phoenix Mountain, reveals its secrets. Tie Kuan Yin is the most popular oolong tea in the world. In 723, a tea farmer in Fujian province, China, was visited by a vision of the goddess Kuan Yin Pu Sa, the goddess of mercy. In this vision, Kuan Yin showed the farmer a special tea tree. The next day he looked and found a very special plant protected by boulders in the famous Anxi Mountains of China. This tea tree, which still stands today, produced a particularly fine oolong tea.Jason C.S. Chen has been studying, growing, and selling tea for the past 21 years. He is recognized by his peers as a Tea Master with an extraordinary breadth of knowledge. Master Chen has tea gardens growing tea for the world wholesale market in most of the authentic and traditional growing areas in China. His teas have won gold and silver medals in competitions around the world, and are popular in both the United States and Japan. Master Chen is also the crafter of fine and unique tea accessories, holding patents in both the US and China. He is also considered an expert in the restoration of ancient Chinese art.Master Chen’s teas are famous among the knowledgeable, and his knowledge is famous among tea lovers. He sells his tea to wholesalers who label the tea as their own, so if you are drinking a gourmet tea, there is a chance it is from one of Master Chen’s gardens. Master Chen is the author of one previous book on tea, Tea from China produced for use by the Chinese tea industry, and a forthcoming book in China: Tai Chi Knowledge. Master Chen is a teacher of tai chi.

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