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The spiritual writer may be spiritually ready, but even God will not hand anyone a contract. The next step is to know the nuts and bolts and the protocols of how to get published. This second edition of this popular book provides inspiration, motivation, guidance, and practical and essential information for the writer on a mission.


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Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication 2nd Edition is an inspiring, motivating, and captivating look at the spiritual life and the falling to write. It is based on the premise that there are writers who write because they want to and those who write because they have to. Spiritual writers are drawn to the process by a sense of mission. However, the spiritual writer’s mission and the realities of publishing are often at odds. This unique book provides the nuts and bolts and do’s and don’ts of how to get published in this often misunderstood arena. This second edition is updated to include the digital world and the expanded opportunities this brings for nontraditional publishing.

 About the Author

Deborah Levine Herman is a gifted spiritual teacher, a former literary agent with a top agency, a publisher, and an author branding specialist. The bestselling Author of thirteen books, Herman has dedicated her 25 plus career in publishing to writer education. In this book, she shares her own journey and the many challenges she faced in becoming a writer and publishing professional. She also describes how her journey to become a writer was parallel and inextricably linked to her journey of spiritual awakening. Herman provides journal exercises to help the readers exercise their spiritual muscles. She believes that the spiritual writer is held to a higher standard. Books have energy that affects readers on many levels. Therefore, a spiritual process weeds out even the most promising manuscripts until they are energetically sound. If the writer works on his/her spiritual growth while he/she is learning the craft, this will shorten the time before the work is ready. Then there are the realities and protocols of the publishing world. The second part of the book explains how everything works and how to put one’s best foot forward. This new edition also explains how spiritual writers can build platforms so their work can reach the readers and they do not dwell in perpetual obscurity. 


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