Running to the Top, 4th Edition


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Since the outstanding success of his New Zealand athletes Snell, Halberg, and Magee at the 1960 Rome Olympics, Arthur Lydiard’s name has been synonymous with the best training methods used by the worlds top middle- and long-distance runners. Arthur Lydiard’s methods are just as relevant today as they were 60 years ago and are still used by top athletes looking to enhance their performance.

This new edition of Running to the Top, 4th Edition,  presents Lydiard’s high-performance training techniques and includes systematic, detailed training programs based on his definition of fitness. Each runner can tailor the programs to his or her goal.

Also included are tips for the best running gear, nutrition, preventing injury, and therapy, and the book even delves into the relationship between the coach and the athlete making it a must-have for all runners and coaches.

About the Author

New Zealander Arthur Lydiard ONZ OBE was the most successful trainer of middle- and long-distance runners in the world. He coached runners from different countries, including Peter Snellwho won the gold three times. Arthur Lydiard was also the founder of the jogging movement and credited with making running popular. Lydiard died in April 2004, but his legacy as one of the outstanding coaches of all time survives to this day. Garth Gilmour is a journalist and has been Lydiard’s coauthor since 1960. He has written biographies of famous athletes, Murray Halberg, Peter Snell, Sandra Barwick, world famous as an ultradistance runner, and paraplegic sportswoman Eve Rimmer.

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