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Relevant Selling shows sales people and sales executives the importance of learning what is most relevant to their customers and prospects.  You will learn how to obtain and use relevant and valuable information.

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Stop Guessing What Your Customers Want. Start Selling What Is Relevant to Them…Many companies lament that price pressure has destroyed their margins and market share. Sales people are often convinced that price is their only tiebreaker. This book will show you research that proves otherwise. When customers are surveyed in double-blind studies, we learn that price is not the most important buying factor more than 90% of the time, but many companies cave in because they have no idea how to sell relevance. Without relevance, successful negotiation is seriously hindered.

Research shows that 98% of the time companies have little or no internal agreement on what matters most to customers. External customer alignment falls apart. This is why most companies are not engaged in Relevant Selling. Price trumps value if you don t know how your customers define value. Internal strategic decisions risk going aground when the customer perspective is ignored. Relevant Selling shows you the importance of learning what is most relevant to your customers, your prospects and your different target markets, noting they almost always require tailored messaging to be relevant – yet, that rarely happens. You will learn how to obtain and use that valuable information. Each chapter is loaded with actual case studies and research that demonstrates how companies achieve remarkable results when they sell what is relevant. Many companies are leaving profits on the table each day simply because they lack the research described in this book.

“Jaynie Smith presents you with the most valuable marketing edge you can ever have — and it won’t cost you one cent& Just be sure that you unleash it before your competitors do& The sooner you read [Creating Competitive Advantage], the sooner you’ll profit from it.”– Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing

Relevant Selling taught me how important it is to learn our customers buying criteria.  We are now leading our market messaging with proven and compelling competitive differentiation.” — Jerry Kertesz, VP of National Sales, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Jaynie L. Smith is Founder and CEO of Smart Advantage, Inc., a marketing/management consultancy in Fort Lauderdale, FL whose clients range from mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 companies. Her company has taught CEOs in over 400 industries how to uncover and use competitive advantage in their sales and marketing messaging. She consults nationally and internationally with many CEOs and C-suite level executives in helping businesses define their competitive advantages. Her 40,000 plus hours experience consulting CEOs & 17 Top Performer Awards for CEO coaching are visible in the results that her clients get.Her clients experience double-digit growth within 6-12 months after implementing the Smart Advantage process. Once a company can answer the question, “What is your #1 Competitive Advantage?” they can effectively sell a truly significant value proposition.She has served as a keynote speaker for numerous associations and is transforming businesses all over the world with her message of finding their competitive advantage. Her presentation is rich in content, focused on providing a new way to understand business, and delivers new tools to compete more effectively. She is personal, humorous, and uses real examples of well-known companies.To learn more information about Smart Advantage’s service please visit

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