Never a Bad Day


Author: Bob Babbitt
ISBN-10: 1782550305
ISBN-13: 9781782550303
Format: Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6.5 x 9.25
Pages:  170
Price: $ 14.95
Illustrations: . 12, b/w
Category: SPORTS & RECREATION / Triathlon SPO048000



In 1987, Bob Babbitt started Competitor Magazine. One of the features of the publication was his editorial that ran at the front of the publication. This book is a collection of his favorite editorials from both Competitor Magazine and Triathlete Magazine.

His stories bring out the human side of running, cycling and triathlon in a way that no one else ever has. Through humor and inspiration, this book will become a must-have for the hundreds of thousands of endurance athletes who have made these sports not just their hobbies, but an integral part of their lives.

“Bob Babbitt writes with an evenhanded honesty, an astute insight and an outrageous sense of humor! Whether you pound the pavement, grind the gears or slash through the water – likely all of these things – his stories are sure to captivate and inspire.”

~Dean Karnazes, ultra endurance athlete

“Bob Babbitt is the co-founder of Competitor Magazine and a man whose grinning mug would appear on a Mount Rushmore of endurance sports. You can hear Babbitt’s voice clearly in his writing: He’s passionate about the sport but also able to poke fun at it, acknowledging the general silliness of “grown men running through neighborhoods in Speedos.”

Babbitt chronicled the rise of a triathlon prodigy from Texas named Lance Armstrong. Babbitt was a founder of the REI Muddy Buddy series and the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which has raised more than $48 million for specialized prosthetics and wheelchairs for people with physical disabilities.

He serves as emcee and director of Muddy Buddy events while dressed in a green frog outfit. Babbitt is the Zelig and Bill Veeck of endurance sports.”

~Austin Murphy, Sports Illustrated

Reviews of Bob Babbitt’s 25 Years of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship

“I didn’t think it was possible to truly capture the essence of Ironman’s magic, its extreme challenge and the sheer joy of what the finish line means to the competitors. But Bob Babbitt has done it!”

~Mark Allen, Six-Time Ironman World Champion

“This book is a historic triumph.”

~13-time Emmy Award Winner Lisa Lax

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