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As the popularity of rowing in mid to late adulthood is increasingly growing, so too has the number of rowing club members and participants in regattas increased. Rowing attracts not only former racing rowers who return to rowing for fitness, health, and competition, but also the many late and lateral entrants who are perhaps competing for the first time. This growing interest in the sport makes it even more important to provide instruction for these masters rowers.

Masters Rowing caters to interested beginners learning the sport and adapting their boating equipment, as well as to ambitious masters rowers looking to improve their technique.

Within this book, the reader will find tips for fitness training and hints for competition. In addition, the reader will understand the theoretical basics of training and performance development of active but older rowers. Coaches of masters rowers will also be able to take the information in Masters Rowing and apply it to their athletes training. Furthermore, all training information provided is backed by scientific, specialist research.

With Masters Rowing, readers will be able to increase their fitness and hone their skills to compete at their best.

About the Authors

Dr. Volker Nolte is a lecturer at the University of Western Ontario. There he teaches biomechanics and training theory. He was a successful rower himself before transitioning to coaching and winning several medals, including a silver medal in the 1996 Olympics. His research into the biomechanics of rowing has resulted in international renown. Nolte is still an active rower today, racing at an international level.

As a successful rower, Dr. Wolfgang Fritsch won numerous German and international championship titles, including the gold medal in Nottingham in 1975. Between 1983 and 1993 he won several medals at rowing world championships with his athletes in the German and Swiss rowing federations who he supervised. He has been involved in teaching for over 40 years, especially in the training and further education of coaches in the German Rowing Federation. Dr. Fritsch has written numerous articles and standard works on education and training in rowing and on the development of rowing.


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