How to Be A Surfer


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How to Be A Surfer is aimed at the novice, but has good information for the advanced surfer as well. The book lays the groundwork for surfing by sharing and teaching the techniques and philosophy of surfers and surfing. Then it coasts into an easy 7-step coaching method to describe the fundamental skills. An innovative collection of colorful photos, illustrations and an internationally recognized coaching method teaches surfing in a simple, in depth way that anyone can understand. There’s a surprise cartoon story, as well as practical and descriptive case studies of students’ learning experiences to guide the reader into the exciting world of surfing."For the masses intrigued by the sport, or those who want to learn more about it and get better, this book offers plenty of insight into how to improve your surfing. Joao De Macedo, the author, divides the book cleverly. In the early chapters, the info is geared towards the complete newbie, and then, as it moves on into the later stages of surf progression, he explains advanced maneuvers and fitness training. With engaging color photographs and instructional cartoons, the book lightheartedly provides useful instruction for everyone from the beginner to advanced surfer." – Review by John Fowler / Surfer MagazineJoao De Macedo was born in America and at the age of seven moved to Portugal where he learned to surf and went on to compete on the National and European Professional Circuit. De Macedo surfed and competed at the Pipeline in Hawaii. Joao finished his degree in Economics and founded the Lisbon based surf school Praia Grand Surf Academy. He obtained his coaching credentials in Australia and worked as a National Coach and also serves as a surf instructor in the United States.

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