Healing Trauma with Yoga


Healing Trauma with Yoga
ISBN: 978-1-68157-777-7
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Pages: 208
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Publication Date: November 1, 2019

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Healing Trauma with Yoga is a user-friendly guide to trauma sensitive yoga, who needs it, and how to implement the practice. This book provides  applicable, valuable, and easy to understand information for many populations so anyone can embrace the gift of yoga. As our world grows smaller through technology, we can grow more distant and alone. Tragedy seems to present itself as pervasive and overwhelming, however armed with the many tools of yoga, we discover resiliency and hope.

Trauma is an emotional response to an event like an accident, rape, war, or natural disaster. Trauma is a subjective experience and represents a threat to personal safety physically, emotionally, or mentally. Trauma activates our sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which is necessary and important as a survival response. Trauma becomes a problem when it is chronic or so severe in perception that the SNS is never turned back off. When the sympathetic nervous system is continually activated, it rewires the nervous system and physical changes take place in the brain and the endocrine system that make healing more challenging. Chronic activation can turn into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a condition that can cause serious physical and mental illness. Whether or not a trauma becomes a chronic stress seems to be related to the intensity and severity of the incident and past trauma exposure. This book explores these changes and just how trauma gets stored in the body as well as offers a trauma sensitive format of YOGAFIT as a body based program for healing.

Beth Shaw is the president and founder of YogaFit Training Systems. The leader in mind-body education, YogaFit has trained more than 200,000 fitness instructors on six continents. Shaw and her company have been showcased in numerous fitness magazines as well as Oprah’s O magazine, Time, More, Entrepreneur, Yoga Journal, Glamour, Self and USA Today. She has also been featured on CNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, E Style Channel, Showtime, and Donny Deutsch’s Big Idea.

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