Diary of a Motor City Hitman


Diary of a Motor City Hitman is about Detroit’s most feared enforcer from the 1970s, Chester Wheeler Campbell.

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This is the true story of Detroit’s most dangerous enforcer. On February 6, 1975, a near collision between Chester Wheeler Campbell’s Oldsmobile and an on-duty Keego Harbor patrolman’s car cracked open the unbelievable tale of the era’s most dangerous enforcer to the drug lords and mob factions of Detroit. Murder, corruption, espionage and courtroom drama would ensue for two decades, with hit man for hire Chester Wheeler Campbell at the center of it all. This is the true, untold story of Motor City’s most dangerous enforcer. Through never-before seen photographs, letters, evidence files and expert commentary, readers will enter a time and place where organized crime was in transition, as to who would be in control of the biggest source of illicit cash – heroin and cocaine. Experience the people, places and things that create an environment where a man like Campbell could exist. Learn the strengths, weaknesses and mindset of Chester Wheeler Campbell. He was a master manipulator, a narcissist, a spy, a courier, a dealer, strong-arm thug, a lady’s man, and of course… a hit man.

Christian Cipollini has been a freelance writer and journalist in the realms of entertainment, human interest and true crime history for more than a decade. A graduate of Seton Hall University, he holds a BA in Corporate Communications. As a contributor to diverse types of publications, his works have appeared in the Tribune-Review, Asylum.com, Urban Ink Magazine and Mob Candy Magazine. Cipollini has covered everything from community news to celebrities to organized crime. He is also the co-founder of a mob-history themed clothing and décor company and a freelance designer of book covers for other authors.

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