E-book FAQ

E-book FAQ:

How do I get started?  E-book conversion and distribution services are only available to Cardinal Publishers Group print book distribution service clients.  If that describes you simply notify your representative at CPG. We will send you the specifics of the plan for you to review before we get started.

How will I know my e-book file is ready?  You will be notified when the conversion is completed.  Please review the file immediately and communicate problems or suggested changes right away.  You have seven business days to report any problems or suggest changes with the e-book file. After that time the e-book will automatically be distributed unless you request more time.

How long does it take before my e-books are ready to be sold?  Once your files have been uploaded for conversion it can take up to two weeks before you are notified that your e-book is ready to be reviewed.  We budget one week for you to review the e-book.  Add one to two weeks if your e-book requires changes or errors need to be fixed.  We budget another week for you to review these changes.  To upload your e-books and have them posted for sale by the customer can take another two weeks.  In all, the process typically takes about the same time as it takes your printer to print and deliver the books to our facility.

When should I send CPG my files?  For front-list titles we suggest you send us the printer ready PDF at the same time you send it to the printer.  This way your e-book will be available at roughly the same time as your print book is available in stores.  For backlist titles we suggest you begin with your top selling or timely titles.  Work through the process a time or two and when and when you are comfortable you can do your backlist one at a time or in bunches.

Can I download my finished e-book files?  Yes, you will be provided with copies of all the e-book version we produce.  When requesting a file please include title, format, and E-ISBN and print ISBN.  Depending on the size of the file and your preference we can arrange to have it sent via email, Dropbox, or our secure FTP.

What about piracy?  We only sell to retailers and wholesalers that apply DRM.  If you find your e-books are being distributed in violation of your copyright notify us immediately.  The official notice of the copyright infringement usually has to come from the publisher not the distributor, but we can help you to identify the procedure necessary to have the pirated material removed.

Have you had problems with piracy?  Not much.  We have had an occasional posting of a file, but these have more often been scans of print books.  In every case so far we’ve been able to assist our publisher in getting the miss-used files down.  As the copyright holder; however, the publisher must make the official notice to the offending party.  So we recommend you conduct periodic searches online.  If you discover any problems we want to know about it and in most cases can provide you with some guidance.

Do I have to have an ISBN for the e-book format?  Yes, every e-book must have a unique ISBN.  In fact, some publishers assign a unique ISBN for each format (i.e. one ISBN for the physical book, a separate ISBN for the Bookmarked PDF (used by the aggregators), another ISBN for the ePub (Nook & Kobo), and another ISBN for the mobi (Kindle).  It is not necessary at this time to assign a separate ISBN to the various formats; however, it gives the publisher the ability to track the sales of the aggregators vs. the e-book retailers.

What about International markets?  Your e-books will be available throughout the world.  If you have specific markets you would like to exclude, or don’t have rights to please let us know before the conversion process is complete.

Can I change International markets at a later date?  Absolutely, you can change your rights in international markets at any time.  Just send us the notice (include all relevant ISBN) and we will change the settings internally and with our various e-book customers.  If you sell your rights the UK, or some other market it usually takes about 30 days before customers recognize the change.

What if I wanted a print copy of one of my e-books?  We can set you up so that the book can be formatted for print on demand available to both you and our entire network of customers.  It’s a good idea to let us know you are thinking about this before e-book conversion takes place, but in most cases this decision can be made at a later date.

Are some books difficult or impossible to convert?  CPG has converted hundreds of e-books since 2008 and in that time we have had one book that couldn’t be converted and several that proved to be very challenging.  If you are concerned your book will be difficult to convert give us a call or send us a sample PDF and we can usually let you know in advance.  The majority of e-book conversion go smoothly, but all benefit from a careful review by the publisher.

Does CPG fix problems before sending the files to our publishers to review?  No, but we will be happy to work with you through the review process.  We feel it is best that those most familiar with the content and the people who edited the print version review the electronic version.  Making changes to the e-book files will be quite similar to any discussion the publisher might have with the book’s interior designer that worked on the print version.

What is the cost of conversion?  Typically the cost is less than $150.  A very simple book to convert might be less expensive.  Very few books are more expensive and typically we can identify those books before we begin. Some books that might cost more are books that require a fixed (rather than flowing) format such as children’s book might cost more per page, but generally these books have fewer pages.  If you are still not certain if you have a potentially expensive book to convert just let us know your concern at the start and we can help clarify the situation before you move forward. Conversion services are only available to e-book distribution service clients. 

What is the cost of e-book distribution? We will also collect a percentage of net revenue.  The cost of distribution for e-books is substantially less than print distribution as we do not need to warehouse, pick or pack shipments.

Can I submit my own e-book files and have CPG handle just the distribution?  Yes.

What if I have more questions?  Email your representative or you can also call the office at 317-352-8200 and your questions will be directed to the appropriate manager.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  e-books are not yet a perfect science and every book presents its own challenges.  Communicating your expectations and concerns at the beginning of the process and notifying us quickly of any problems is important.  Your book will be converted using most current technology available, but standards are always changing in this young industry.  So if your books are particularly challenging and the finished e-book isn’t perfect (errors aside), that is probably a result of limitations in the available technology.  I think our clients and your readers will find the reading experience to be excellent, but anytime you get a report of a problem let us know; it is the first step in overcoming the challenges of a new and still evolving technology.

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