Direct Hits

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Direct Hits Advanced Vocabulary: Vocabulary for the ACT, SAT, Advanced Placement Exams, GMAT, and more.

The books include the following features:

With more than 200 of the most challenging words found on standardized test, this is not a phone book size list of words that are rarely, if ever, used in essays or on tests.

Relevant, vivid, and memorable examples from popular movies, television, literature, music, historical events, and recent headlines

A Fast Review with quick definitions

A Final Review with critical reading and sentence completion questions similar to those found on standardized tests

Words are our tools for learning and communicating. A proficient and robust vocabulary is critical to success in school, business, the professions, AND standardized tests such as the AP Exams, ACT, SAT, and GMAT. Even the most dedicated students dread memorizing long lists of seemingly random words. Like its companion books, Direct Hits Essential Vocabulary and Direct Hits Core Vocabulary, Direct Hits Advanced Vocabulary offers an approach that places the words in a context students can easily understand and remember.
Direct Hits Advanced Vocabulary focuses on the sophisticated vocabulary expected of Advanced Placement high school students and college students.


Does developing a high-level vocabulary need to be a tedious, frustrating task? Direct Hits doesn’t think so. Research has shown that a powerful and vibrant vocabulary has a high correlation with success in school, business, the professions, AND standardized tests, including the PSAT, SAT, and AP exams. Direct Hits Core Vocabulary – 6th Edition offers a different approach.  This book includes the following features:

  • Selective vocabulary found on recent PSATs, ACTs, and SATs used in context. No more memorizing the definitions of long lists of seemingly random words in a vacuum
  • Relevant, vivid, and memorable examples from literature, historic events, contemporary issues, and pop culture
  • A Fast Review for each chapter, with quick definitions

Direct Hits Essential Vocabulary targets middle school and early high school learners. The book focuses on words students need to know as part of the Common Core curriculum as well as words frequently found on standardized tests like the SSAT and PSAT. The following features are included in the book:

Selective vocabulary found in the Common Core academic language curriculum for grades 6-9

High frequency vocabulary found on the recent SSATs and PSATs

More than 250 words used in context. No more memorizing definitions of long lists of seemingly unrelated words

Relevant and vivid examples from literature, history, current events, and pop culture make the words memorable for students
A prefix, root, or suffix reference card and pro-tip box is found in every chapter