The Not-So-Perfect Princess and the Not-So-Dreadful Dragon


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In The Not-So-Perfect Princess and the Not-So-Dreadful Dragon, Princess Petal is NOT what you would expect the ‘perfect’ princess to be. In fact, she is quite the opposite. Her princess dresses are torn and scruffy, she wears an old woolly hat instead of a golden crown and she is very (very) loud. So when Princess Petal meets a fire-breathing dragon while out hiking in the forest, both are in for a bit of a shock! An enchanting tale about friendship, diversity, acceptance and being exactly who we are meant to be. The moral behind this story is imperative yet simple: we are all different and that’s okay, making judgments and assumptions about people is not okay, all genders should be treated equally. Also included are Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators.

Illustrations provided by Paula Becker

About the Author

Jayneen Sanders (aka Jay Dale) is an experienced early years educator, author, publisher and blogger. Jayneen writes children’s books on Body Safety, consent, gender equality, respectful relationships, and social and emotional intelligence. She believes empowering children from an early age makes for empowered teenagers and adults. Jayneen is Lead Author for the children’s literacy series Engage Literacy published by Capstone Classroom, and has written over 120 titles in that series. Jayneen is importantly a mother of three daughters and has always advocated for their empowerment. Jayneen’s ongoing passion for the safety and empowerment of children continues today with new manuscripts and free-to-download resources always in the wings.

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