Stress Management and Longevity


Author: Jasmin Tahmaseb-McConatha
ISBN-10: 1782550313
ISBN-13: 9781782550310
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Pages: 200
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Illustrations: 30 color
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The world is aging. Age is accompanied by opportunities as well as challenges. When we age we gain wisdom and maturity. We learn that, with time, we can overcome problems and deal with unhappy periods in our lives. We understand that if we manage our stressful periods, they tend to pass and we can be happy again. However too many life changes or everyday hassles can lead to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. This state can threaten health, undermine relationships, compromise our work, and destroy our happiness.
This book addresses the relationship between longevity, aging, and stress. It describes the varied stressors of later life and presents effective coping mechanisms. The book emphasizes the importance of physical and social activity and the healing power of nature. The book provides updated research information and practical solutions for coping with stressful life events and changes associated with aging.

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