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Cliff Barackman, the producer of Finding Bigfoot give this review for Sasquatch Field Guide: Identifying, Tracking and Sighting North America’s Relict Hominoid.  “Finally, a concise and well-written field guide has been published to help the Bigfoot field investigator document various types of evidence in an appropriate way. Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put together a field guide on heavy-duty, waterproof card stock that literally fits in your back pocket or backpack, adding little weight to those ounce-sensitive backpackers with an interest in collecting data from the backcountry. Seemingly thinking of everything, Dr. Meldrum has even included a ruler along the top margin of the Guide so the researcher will always have a scale item for any photos taken in the woods. The Sasquatch Field Guide not only helps researchers with identifying possible spoor left by bigfoots, but it also helps him or her reduce the possibility of misidentifying signs of other animals for those of sasquatches. Also included in the Field Guide are easy-to-understand directions on how to gather and store data in the field in preparation for future analysis. The Guide uses colors and diagrams making it easy to read and understand which could be the difference between successfully gathering data and blowing it when under the pressure of dealing with the real thing out in the field. Sections in the Sasquatch Field Guide include information on visual identification, footprint identification, track casting, gathering footprint metrics, hair samples, scat samples, tree breaks, nests, cultural signs, stacked rocks, habitat and distribution, diet, vocalizations, possible origins, and taphonomy. This hefty brochure-style guide is densely-packed with valuable information that all field researchers should be intimately acquainted with.”

About the Author

Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s study of fossil and living primates and early hominins has led him around the world. His tracking of sasquatch began in 1996, when he crossed paths with a line of 15-inch footprints in southeastern Washington. He conducts collaborative laboratory and field research throughout North America, as well as Eurasia, presenting his findings in numerous interviews, TV Appearances, and conferences. His book Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, considered the definitive work, was described by Dr. Jane Goodall as bringing “a much-needed level of scientific analysis to the sasquatch–Bigfoot–debate.” In addition to the present guide, his Sasquatch, Yeti and Other Wildmen of the World: A Field Guide to Relict Hominoids (Paradise Cay) provides a broader overview of relict hominoid species around the globe. He edits The Relicit Hominoid Inquiry, a scholarly journal focused on his global mystery. 

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