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Loyal SonsTheir photograph is legendary — among the most recognizable images in the history of American sports iconography. Yet who were these Four Horsemen of Notre Dame? How did they become Fighting Irish? What did they and their teammates accomplish under Coach Knute Rockne? And why did it matter?After all these decades, their story is finally told in LOYAL SONS — in breathtaking detail that fully engages the reader. The first-ever book-length treatment of this famous team and its triumphant 1924 national championship season is a ground-breaking work of sports history. We learn how these sons of miners and merchants, grocers and doctors are drawn to the University of Notre Dame, and what they helped create once there. Follow along as the ’24 Irish literally take the game of college football from coast to coast. Along the way, their flair, timing and teamwork earn for Notre Dame countless new followers, as the phenomenon of Rockne’s "wonder team" sweeps the nation. LOYAL SONS is a great football story – and so much more. It provides snapshots of American life in the 1920s and chronicles grand dreams, hard work, setbacks and challenges, serendipitous timing, motivation and spirit.Today’s sold-out Notre Dame stadium, national television contract and coast-to-coast following can all trace their roots to the phenomenon that swept the nation as the Fighting Irish captured their first national football championship in 1924. LOYAL SONS tells how it all happened.Jim Lefebvre is an award-winning journalist and sports historian. He is the founder and publisher of Forever Irish, www.ndfootballhistory.com, the online magazine celebrating the heritage of NotreDame Football.Great Day Press is distributed by Cardinal Publishers Group

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