Getting a W in the Game of Life



It’s tip-off time and time to get that W, a Win, in the most important game of all… the game of life! Dick Vitale has been in our homes for more than 30 years calling College Basketball on ESPN. Now, invite him in to share the incredible legacies lived and lessons learned that have resulted in a formula for success he’s willing to share with today’s young men and women. Getting W in the Game of Life is not just an advice book, it’s a playbook for life! He’ll tell you how pride, passion, and perseverance can work in every person’s life. You’ll see how energy, excitement, and enthusiasm are choices you can make every single day and in every single situation. Dick talks about the drive and determination that have never let him down. He’ll share stories from the lives of his heroes on and off the court.the 

Dick speaks to readers in a way never more personal than in these pages. He does this beautifully through real-life stories from all walks of life and he discusses real-life issues confronted by today’s students including: criticism, social media pressures, over-scheduling, family dynamics, gossip, self-esteem, bullying, and more. You’ll hear from Dick’s heart, feel his joy, and be moved to make the right choices. What’s more is that you’ll be amazed by how simply you can makes his T.E.A.M. your own as you apply the offensive and defensive strategies necessary to navigating life’s dificulties. Hands-on work, tear-out activities, and plenty of goodies from Vitale’s “M” for motivation file will make this a read that is as life-changing as it is enjoyable. It’s gonna be Awesome, Baby… and so will you!

About the Author

Dick Vitale has been ESPNs voice of Men’s College Basketball since 1979. Eleven Halls of Fame and countless heartfelt recognitions’ later have seen the passionate vitality that he brings to sports broadcasting make an equal impact on raising millions of dollars for Pediatric Cancer research through the V-Foundation. Dick has been working for many years sharing the motivational life tips he believes in and succeeds by with everyone from major firms to small youth groups. Nobody is better suited to enthusiastically teach about winning in life than Dickie V. Dick is the author of nine books including Dick Vitale’s Fabulous 50 Moments and Players and Dickie Vs ABCs and 1-2-3s. Dick lives with his wife, Lorraine, in Florida. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Reji Laberje is a writer and speaker who has presented entertaining and educational programming to thousands of students since 1997. She is an author of six books, including The Tale Travelers for young adults. With three children of her own, shes thrilled to be a part of Dicks positive living playbook. Reji lives with her husband of 16 years, Joe, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


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