Five-Star Girls’ Basketball Drills 2nd Ed.


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Edited by Leigh Klein, Matt Masiero and Stephanie Gaitley Five-Star Basketball Camps have long been synonymous with quality basketball instructionFive-Star Basketball Camps have long been synonymous with quality basketball instruction — some of the best players in the world have been Five-Star campers including Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Isaiah Thomas, Grant Hill, The Rainman, and Vince Carter!Many Five-Star Campers are selected as NBA first round draft picks. As a longtime leader in basketball instruction, Five-Star feels it must continue in its quest to educate young players about their sport. More than 20 years ago, Five-Star published a book based on the drills and teachings of their boys’ camps Five-Star Basketball Drills, that has become an essential part of every coach’s library. Now Five-Star has compiled and produced the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art collection of drills by girls’ and women’s coaches ever assembled. This new edition of Five-Star Girls’ Basketball Drills with more of what was loved in the first edition: more great drills, more great coaches, more information on how to make the most of your playing time as a player and how to get the most out of your team if you are a coach!Comments on the first edition: "After a long and distinguished venture into the boys’ basketball camp business, Five-Star picked up the girls’/women’s game 20 years ago and has been scoring a lot of points with it ever since. The quality of its instruction is clearly reflected in this manual…It is all sound instructional stuff that can be profitably used by coaches on every level of the game."Coach and Athletic Director

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