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Cheerleaders take part in more sports events, TV shows and other public appearances In Cheerleading: Technique, Training, Show people who desire to learn the sport of cheerleading techniques will be presented the basics of this craft. In addition, coaches and teachers will be offered the basics of teaching this team sport. There is so much more to cheerleading than dance, acrobatics, speech song and spectacle. This team sport requires above all a lot of hard work. Hard work that pays off. Because anyone who has been touched by the spirit finds it hard to give it up. Cheerleading: Technique, Training, Show explains what the sport all about. From beginning to end. Starting with warm-up and stretching, then moving onto jumps, cheers and chants and finally dance, this book contains all the information you need to set up a successful team. This book answers questions such as what is cheerleading, where can I practice it, how can I learn it, what must one watch out for in cheerleading, what makes a good cheerleader, and what do cheerleaders need?

Cheerleading: Technique, Training, Show is additionally suitable for experienced cheerleaders and coaches. so beginner and advanced cheerleaders and coach will gain from the contents of this book. Teachers who would like to offer this sport will also find the necessary know-how in this book. Get tips for learning chants and cheers. Gain information on performance rules and styling. Attain knowledge on warm up training. This book has all the essentials to the team sport.

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Miriam Lopez Hernandez de Alba studied sport and has been active in cheerleading since 1992. Following classical ballet training, she started working at Rhein Fire, an NFL Europe team, as a cheerleading Director and Choreographer. She also regularly deepens her cheerleading knowledge by attending cheerleader camps in the USA.

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