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Behind the Desert Storm used top secret documents stolen from Russian archives, historian Pavel Stroilov, a Russian dissident living in political exile, has written a masterpiece on the behind-the-scenes politicking of the first Gulf War that exposes direct lies in the memoirs of President Bush Senior, Brent Scowcroft and James Baker.In addition to revealing a great number of never-before-seen top secret documents, Behind the Desert Storm delves into closed-doors discussions between world leaders – something that normally remains secret for a very long time. It tells the hidden history of the events which have largely determined the current state of the Middle East – from the conflict in Iraq to the Israeli-Palestinian "peace process" to the development of the "Eurabia" alliance between the EU and the Arab states. Looking forward, Stroilov draws out relevant lessons from history for future foreign policy. Reviewed in The Washington Times, September 7, 2011A must read for political junkies, history buffs, conspiracy theorists, people interested in the conflicts in the Middle East.Pavel Stroilov is a Russian historian living in London after being granted asylum by British Judges in 2006. He fled Russia in 2003 after successfully stealing 50,000 unpublished top-secret Kremlin documents from the archive of the Gorbachev Foundation. Stroilov and other researches were given access to the archive in 1999, but were brusquely refused permission by Mikhail Gorbachev himself to copy significant parts of the collection. Over the next few years, after secretly watching the archive’s network administrator enter the password into the foundation’s computer system, Stroilov was able to copy the archive and send it to secure locations around the world. Most of the originals remain classified to this day. Stroilov was also the editor of Alexander Litvinenko’s book Allegations. Litvinenko, a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin, was poisoned to death in a high profile political assassination in 2006.Price World Publishing books are distributed by Cardinal Publishers Group.

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