In this Fit and Fab segment we are talking about journaling. Keeping a journal of any kind helps us track the day and remember (hopefully with fondness) the events of that day. The following are two ways to track your fitness and running progress. One is with a fitness journal, and one is with a running journal.

My Fitness Journal

My Fitness Journal allows you to put structure into your workouts. Those who have a plan will find that they do not stagnate. This book encourages growth. My Fitness Journal has a hardcover which makes less likely to get damaged when traveling with it to the gym. It can take the wear-and tear of travel and still be useful. Inside, there are 365 days of entries where you can record your workout and the progress that you make. Additionally, you can place photos of yourself to see how you are developing through the year. Both fitness enthusiasts and newbies to the exercise world can enjoy watching themselves grow in health.

Recording your progress will help to motivate you to continue with your fitness routine. Using My Fitness Journal can help you become fitter and healthier.

Mike Diehl co-authored the book with Felix Grewe. Mike is a graduate trainer for performance sports. Felix is a German sports journalist, a tennis and fitness specialist in addition to training regularly using the methods of Mike Diehl.


Your Personal Running Journal

Olympian, Jeff Galloway, has put together a running journal that details some “how to’s” for those who want to record their running progress. In Your Personal Running Journal, you will learn:

How To

  • Set up a training program
  • Monitor your progress
  • Schedule each workout

Your Personal Running Journal also contains information on standard warm-ups, improvement drills to make running faster and easier, and it also offers information on troubleshooting performance and injuries.

This 52-week journal is easy to use and analyze.

Jeff Galloway was an average teenage runner who kept learning and working harder, until he became an Olympian. He is the author of the best-selling running book in North America (Galloway’s Book on Running) and is a Runner’s World columnist, as well as an inspirational speaker for more than 200 running and fitness sessions each year. He has worked with over 200,000 average people in training for specific goals and Galloway’s quest for an injury-free marathon training program led him to develop group training programs in 1978. Galloway is the designer of the walk-run, low mileage marathon training program (Galloway RUN-WALK method) with an over 98% success rate.


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