Fascia is a building network in our body that gives us support, structure, and form. Train Your Fascia Tone Your Body, offers you the successful method to form firm connective tissue.  Loaded with illustrated and detailed full-body workouts, this book presents toning for the seven important fascial chains. If your connective tissue is weak, this book will direct you in how to strengthen it. The following is an excerpt from the book.

Until just a few years ago, only insiders were familiar with the fascia. Next to a few alternative manual therapists and some proverbial die-hard scientists only the meat industry was interested in that fibrous white stuff. After all, tender meat sells better than tough.

Tender or tough, this question is essentially settled on the intramuscular connective tissue. A smaller group of chiropractors, led by the osteopaths, were already aware of muscular connective tissue in the last century.  The forefather of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917), had already attributed exceptional properties and profound knowledge was not founded on a specific scientific basis. From there, Dr. Ida Rolf, an American biochemist, developed Rolfing, a deep-tissue massage, which inspired manual therapists to apply myofascial techniques with remarkable healing effects. Still, from today’s point of view, the explanatory models used were outdated and not very convincing.

From Cinderella organ to the limelight

The whole body network is one of the most underestimated tissues in our body. Current research proves that the fascia forms an important basis for physical health and athletic performance ability. Scientific discoveries by international fascia researchers are generating ground breaking findings, resulting in a reorientation of sports performance and medical rehab.

This also applies to all exercise programs that focus on health and physical fitness. The fascia participates in every movement – not just walking, dancing, and skipping, but also throwing and stretching.

Healthy fascia structures form protective joint capsules, contribute to core stability and a strong back, and are responsible for the body’s muscle definition and contour. As a sensory organ they facilitate smooth, elegant movement, and they have a determining influence on how good and at home we feel in our bodies. So after years of neglect, there are plenty of reasons to pay more attention to this fascinating network.


Divo Mueller is a health practitioner and body therapist. She is known internationally as a pioneer of modern movement programs. Together with Robert Schleip, PhD, a renowned researcher of fascia, she has developed the successful training program Fascial Fitness.

Karin Hertzer is a health journalist, PR consultant, and author. She has been engaged in several books and a number of publications, has successfully run the PR for Fascial Fitness Association and closely works together with Divo Mueller and Robert Schleip, PhD.

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