By Lamar Lowery

You must be prepared for any situation. You also must have good concentration. Be prepared. Be concentrated. Here’s why.

Big muscles may look great, but they are not really ideal for anything besides being able to lift heavy stuff.

Functional fitness training can prepare you for the unexpected and lower your risk of injury during those activities. Physical altercations, climbing things, lifting yourself up, and running around are all kinds of situations where this type of training can benefit you.

Have you ever wondered what kind of training Special Forces soldiers do? You guessed it: functional training. And there’s a good reason for doing so. The fact of the matter is: Navy SEALs or Army Rangers could not care less how much they bench or curl because they know that when it comes down to it, they need to be able to out run, out maneuver, and out last their enemies.

Now I’m not saying that these guys never bench or do curls like the rest of us, but A LOT of their training is definitely functional.

Oh, not to mention the 60 pounds of gear they have to carry around at all times. Yeah, there isn’t really a specific back workout that will prepare you for that.

Being fit allows you to function as your best  you.



Lamar Lowery is the author of Functional Fitness. This book provides intense workouts to reach maximum results. Detailed descriptions and photos make this an easy-to-understand guide for any personal trainer. In Lamar’s personal training sessions, he uses his expertise in endurance, coordination, and biomechanics to receive the best result.


Lamar was born in New York City and received sports scholarships for multiple colleges. He graduated as a Mental Health Specialist. In the late 1980s, he was transferred to a U.S. Army base in Germany. There he worked as an Army Physical Fitness Master. After he left the Army, he decided to stayed in Germany and built his own fitness academy.


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