By Ingrid Loos Miller

How to be a saint on the couch and a sinner on the bike? How do you do fuel your training and lose weight at the same time? It is very difficult. Weight loss is the first priority now. Your performance might suffer, so put it on the backburner until you have reached your goal weight. It’s that simple.

We know that in the past you have relied too much on training as a safety net to overeating. In my experience, the best way to change this and to be able to continue training is to do the following:

  1. Stick to eating (counting and recording) your baseline number of calories at all times except when you are actually doing a workout or eating your recovery meal. This is important because you need to be able to control your weight even if you aren’t training at all.
  2. Fuel adequately during your workouts (more on this later). Do not count the calories you consume during workout against the baseline limit. The calories you eat during a workout are fuel for the workout, but these are free calories and this is your chance to eat sugary foods since this is when you actually need them. This is when you can be a sinner on the bike.
  3. Eat an adequate recovery meal after longer workouts. Like the fuel you take in during your workouts, these recovery meals are not counted in your daily calories. These meals are meant to replenish the glycogen stores in your muscles and nothing more. By eating soon after your workouts, you are assured that the calories are going directly (more or less) into your muscles, where they are needed most.
  4. After your recovery meal, go back to eating according to your baseline calorie limit.


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About the Author

Ingrid Loos Miller is the author of Weight Management for Triathletes from which the above blog was excerpted. She is also a USAT Certified Coach, Sport Nutrition Consultant, and triathlete. A Team Trainer for the Weight Watchers® Momentum Challenge, she has helped athletes and non-athletes alike achieve their weight loss goals by showing them how to reduce the calorie impact of the foods they enjoy. She teaches the motivational and focusing strategies needed to achieve goals and provides tools and daily practices that make permanent weight management a reality.

Other than becoming an Ironman® and regular podium finishes in triathlons, her greatest personal accomplishment has been overcoming a lifelong struggle with weight. She has written for Trail Runner Magazine and her writing has appeared in Triathlete Magazine, Marathon and Beyond and on 


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