What is Functional Fitness Anyway, by Lamar Lowery

Lamar Lower, author of Functional Fitness, has also built his own fitness academy. In this blog, Lamar explains what exactly is functional fitness.

Functional fitness is training in a way that requires your muscles to work together, or in other words, work in the way they were supposed to.

Instead of focusing on a particular muscle group at a time as you do with conventional weight training, functional training recruits more muscle groups by using more primal movements that require your muscles to work in harmony.

Some of the issues or negative aspects of conventional weight training come from it requiring non-natural muscle contractions or movements. This can sometimes lead to injury (usually when you least expect it).

It could be argued that these non-essential muscle contractions also do not improve or contribute to muscular stability and/or mobility but I’ll save that for another post!

Just in case you are not fully convinced yet, I put together some reasons why you should implement some functional fitness training into your workouts or routine.


If you’re a personal trainer and looking for new ideas for your next raining session, look no further, Lamar Lowery has developed his own training programs that he has used for decades working with top managers, injured athletes, and back patients.

Functional Fitness provides intense workouts to reach maximum results. Detailed descriptions and photos make this an easy-to-understand guide for any personal trainer. In Lamar’s personal training sessions, he uses his expertise in endurance, coordination, and biomechanics to receive the best results. Lamar uses the most up-to-date equipment, e.g., suspension trainers, Dual Grip Med Balls, and kettlebells, and the classics such as barbells and dumbbells.

After making his functional fitness a part of your training regime, you will help your clients add exercise into their busy lifestyle, reach their goals, and improve body, mind, and soul.


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