What’s a party without cocktails? With the Derby it’s all about bourbon cocktails too. So here are a few suggestions on how to make a bourbon cocktail:

Bourbon Sour

Get a can of frozen concentrated lemonade, and put that in the container. Then fill that same can with water, and add it to the container. Then fill that same can with pulp free orange juice and add that to the mix. Finally, fill the lemonade can with bourbon. Repeat all the steps as needed to fill up the container (or pitcher), and then all that’s left to do is fill glasses with ice, pour and serve.

Bourbon Lettuce and Tomato Cocktail

It’s just a Bloody Mary using bourbon instead of vodka. You see vodka only adds alcohol to a Bloody Mary, but bourbon brings alcohol AND flavor to this classic drink. I use Evan Williams Black Label 86 proof bourbon in mine. The five years of aging and 86 proof bring some good barrel notes to complement and enhance the Bloody Mary’s ingredients. If you want to get cute, garnish it with a baked slice of thick bacon!

Dawn at The Downs Cocktail

This is your elegant morning option. In a champagne flute pour one ounce of bourbon (I like Elijah Craig 12 for a little more spice or Evan Williams Single Barrel for a little more vanilla flavor), and then fill the rest of the glass with Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider. You can garnish with an apple slice to give it a little extra “oomph.”

And for the main attraction, The Mint Julep, check out Bourbon Whiskey: Our Native Spirit 3rd edition!

Bernie LubbersBernie Lubbers travels the U.S. and the world educating people on American Whiskey, and how it weaves through the fabric of Kentucky and America’s history. Bernie especially has a passion for Bottled-In-Bond whiskies and how The Bottled In Bond Act of 1897 and the Taft Decision of 1909 which changed the whiskey landscape here in the U.S.

With his friend and bluegrass musician Hickory Vaught, he wrote and co-performs a live music show/whiskey tasting called; “Bourbon Thru Bluegrass” where folks get to sample whiskies from the style of the 1700’s, through the 1800’s, & then the single barrel and small batch bourbons of today. All throughout the tasting folks simultaneously hear the history of bourbon, enjoy live bluegrass music from that time period, or about that time period, and taste whiskey in the styles of those time periods.            

Bernie won Whisky Magazine’s Whiskey Ambassador Of The Year in 2009 for the U.S. and then went on to win Whiskey Ambassador Of The Year International. He was again presented the U.S. Whiskey Ambassador Of The Year in 2012 alongside the legendary Elmer T. Lee. He was also named the U.S. Whiskey Ambassador of the Year in 2016.IconsOfWhisky2016_Am(2)

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