Baseball is one of America’s favorite past times. We have enjoyed the sport for many years. The New York Yankees have been around a long time too, and fans know, you don’t have to be from New York to be a Yankees fan. 

This day in Yankee history, July 15, 1921, the all-time home-run record belonging to Roger Connor was broken by none other than Babe Ruth…the following are excerpts from Bronx Bomber: New York Yankee Home Run History by Lew Freedman: 

To that point in baseball history the all-time home-run record belonged to Roger Connor. Connor, who played first base for a number of teams between 1880 and 1897, retired with 138 home runs. During the middle of the 1921 season, when Ruth was still just 26, he matched and surpassed Connor. Ruth tied Connor in a July 15 Yankees triumph over the St. Louis Browns. He claimed the record with his 36th homer of the season in a win over the Detroit Tigers on July 18. Most of his career lay ahead of him. 

Babe Ruth really was not literally the Thomas Edison of the home run. Many Yankees fans would like to think he drew it up on a piece of paper and filed a patent claim in Washington, of course. He might as well have. There is no question that Ruth, playing mostly right field for the Yankees during the 1920s, popularized it. 

The home run was part of the game from the beginning, when the National League formed in 1876, the start of the major leagues as we know them. But the home run was not a big deal at the time. The home run was just one facet of the sport, considered no more special than a single, double or triple. A key reason for that was that home runs weren’t all that common.

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