Here are some quick and easy meal ideas from the experts on nutrition, Gloria Averbuch and Nancy Clark, authors of Food Guide for Women’s Soccer.

Women’s World Cup Nutrition Tip

And then there were two…the final on Sunday is USA v. Japan. Until then, it’s (light) training, sleeping, and…eating!

A majority of soccer players and fans are busy people—whether with school, work, other obligations, or a combination of these. Food Guide for Women’s Soccer offers the following tips:

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

  • pasta with clam sauce, tomato sauce, and/or frozen vegetables, and/or lowfat cheese
  • canned beans, rinsed and then spooned over rice, pasta, or salads
  • frozen dinners, supplemented with whole-grain bread and fresh fruit
  • Pierogies, tortellini, and burritos from the frozen food section
  • baked potato topped with cottage cheese or ricotta
  • whole-grain cereal (hot or cold) with fruit and low-fat milk
  • quick-cooking brown rice—made double for the next day‘s rice and bean salad
  • stir-fry, using precut vegetables from the market, salad bar, or freezer. Purchase garlic sauce at any take-out Chinese restaurant (and rice too if you need it) and add to your own cooked vegetables, rice, leftover meats.
  • Scrambled eggs (Combine beaten eggs and seasonings with grated raw zucchini, cheese, tomato slices, or leftover cooked vegetables.)
  • thick-crust pizza, fresh or frozen, then reheated in the toaster oven
  • homemade pizza (pizza dough from the supermarket with jarred spaghetti sauce, steamed vegetables, and grated cheese)
  • bean soups, homemade, canned, or from the deli
  • souped-up soup (canned soup with added steamed vegetables, leftover meat, fish or grated cheese)

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