Here is today’s nutrition tip from Gloria Averbuch and Nancy Clark, authors of Food Guide for Women’s Soccer.

And now there are 8…..teams left in the Women’s World Cup, that is. The quarterfinals are set, and in terms of taking care of themselves off the field, the teams must go the ‘extra mile’ for the optimum preparation. As it states in Food Guide for Women’s Soccer, just as each teammate depends on the others to be fit, focused and ready to play, so too with being well-nourished. When you eat right, you do so for yourself and for the team effort, since what, when and how you fuel has a direct impact on your performance. Parents, coaches, team captains and/or managers: take a poll before games. Ask players what and when they ate before arriving. If it isn’t up to speed (often that means not enough), pass the pre-game snacks. Eventually, players will learn to eat well on their own.

Stay tuned for more from the Women’s World Cup

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