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When I Grow Up, I Want to Play for Purdue is a delightful children’s story for Purdue fans and their families. An officially licensed product of the university, this book explores some of the possible paths children can take when they grow up, including being graduates of Purdue University.


In When I Grow Up I Want to Play for Indiana,  we learn about the dreams and desires of Addison and Nolan. One hot summer day they are sitting around discussing a lot of different ideas for what they want to do with their lives and careers someday when they grow up.


In Following The General, longtime Indiana beat writer Terry Hutchens talks to numerous former players, coaches and media people trying to determine what needs to happen moving forward for Indiana to get back to the days where playing in the NCAA Tournament is once again an every year occurrence rather than something the Hoosiers do on a less than consistent basis. He also takes a long look at the three coaches mentioned above and looks back at what went well and not so well in their time in Bloomington, Indiana.



So You Think You Know Indiana University Football? will cover every facet of Indiana University football. Delving into this book is an intriguing and fun way for fans to test and increase their knowledge of Indiana’s football program. This book will include:

The traditions

The players

The coaches

The best of the best

Hoosiers by number


Little Jenny is asleep in her bedroom one night as the story, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo Hoosiers, begins and she is awakened by a sound coming from beyond her closed bedroom door. Hoo Hoo Hoo was the sound.

She and her mother explore their farm to see what could be making the noise, but none of the animals seem to be responsible. Likewise, no one in her family can guess what the source can be. Finally, the family realizes that the Hoo Hoo Hoo is coming from the living room. It is part of the cheer Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers! Jenny’s dad tells her that this is a sound she’s going to be hearing a lot as she grows up because of how much her family loves Indiana Basketball.


Are you one of those Indiana University Basketball fans who remembers where you were when Christian Watford hit the Wat Shot that beat Kentucky in 2011? Or maybe you’re a little older and you can remember watching the 87 national championship game when Keith Smart hit the floating baseline jumper to beat Syracuse. In So You Think You Know Indiana University Basketball (We’ll see about that), author and longtime IU basketball expert Terry Hutchens offers the ultimate IU basketball trivia challenge