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The Stars are Lined Up for Military Spouses for Federal Careers, 2nd Ed., is a federal career reference book for military spouses around the world. The unemployment rate for military spouses is HIGH. The spouses need quality careers. The US government is opening up hiring for military spouses more than ever with EO 13473 – Military Spouse Preference.


Military spouses also deserve a career! The challenge for military spouses is being relocated every two to four years. Finding permanent, career positions with frequent relocations is difficult. But the one employer with positions and careers at every military base is the US Government. The Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses is dedicated to helping military spouses navigate the complex federal job application system.


The Jobseekers Guide 8th Edition is used at more than 150 military bases worldwide to teach Kathryn Troutman’s highly acclaimed Ten Steps to a Federal Job to military personnel and family members. This title is recognized as the leading guide on the topic for 100,000 military spouses worldwide. The new edition continues to use a colorful workbook style loaded with pages of exercises, samples, and charts throughout and is particularly effective for class training.


Central to federal hiring is the testing of behaviorally-based competencies, typically by evaluating examples of a candidate s past performance. The ALJ Guide, 2nd Edition, walks readers through the process of accomplishment writing, helping candidates become their own best advocates in developing narratives that address the factors OPM is most likely to assess. These narratives provide rich source material and an opportunity to practice for written and oral questions that may arise in the ALJ assessment.

The ALJ Writing Guide 2nd Edition is the best available resource for any attorney who would like to compete for a slot on the Administrative Law Judge register and ultimately be selected for an ALJ position.


Because federal jobs tend to offer high pay, great benefits, and a strong employee support system, they are some of the most coveted opportunities in today’s job market. As a result, competition for these jobs is at a record high. To survive the initial resume screening, let alone achieve one of these in-demand jobs, candidates must understand how federal resumes are different from resumes for other occupations and know how to write them effectively.

Federal Resume Guidebook reveals this essential information and much more. Recently, the Hiring Reform Initiative completely changed the federal hiring process. The new edition of this best-selling book explains these new processes and procedures and teaches people how to write winning federal resumes.


Creating Your First Resume is written in a workbook style with brand new resume samples for each type of entry level and that represent the push toward STEM technical programs to provide training and certifications for high school students. It includes effective material for training in technical programs and high school career classes. It contains fully updated information with recent resume examples and is presented in clear, plain language with directions and suggestions for creating the best resume possible for the job seeker’s experience.


The New SES Application, 2nd Ed is the leading publication for Senior Executive Service Executive Leadership positions in the Federal Government. The publisher has used this guidebook in SES ECQ Writing Workshops in government agencies extensively. Their training of current GS 14 and 15 government executives is very popular due to this fabulous formula for writing the application for SES positions.

Fantastic for busy executives the Top Ten List of Accomplishments approach to writing 10-page narrative ECQs is popular, friendly, and approachable and results in impressive and on-point leadership stories. Executives enjoy writing their Top Ten, and they can write their Top Ten in a couple of hours or less.


“Her [Kathryn Troutman] knowledge of the hiring process for the Federal government makes her the absolute best single source of information for this particular market.” ~ Margaret Dikel, author and webmaster, The Riley Guide

“Kathryn has provided great support to the Navy Fleet and Family Support staff located worldwide.” ~ Barbara Geisler, Learning Specialist, Zeiders Enterprises, Inc.



A step-by-step instructions on how to apply for federal positions.  Start your search today to find and land a job with the federal government and begin your career. 9780982419069